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Ultra rare BMW M3 DCT E92 “Dakar Edition”. The BMW M3 has been the benchmark performance sports Coupé for 5 generations, and the latest M3 is arguably the ultimate. With an incredible 420 bhp available from the 4-litre V8 powerplant mated to the superb 7-speed DCT gearbox, this iconic coupé is arguably the most rewarding drive available from the current Motorsport line-up.

Produced as one of only 42 limited edition “Dakar Edition” M3s finished in Dakar yellow for the european market and one of just 7 which made it to the UK.

With its carbon fibre roof, yellow piped leather sports interior, and striking Dakar Yellow paint, this limited edition of the latest M3 is already becoming a highly sought after Motorsport classic.

For those that haven’t experienced the incredible V8 engine and DCT gearbox of this ultimate M car, it’s a great experience, suitable for up to 3 passengers.


Engine– 4.0 V8

Gearbox 7 speed DCT (padel shift)

Power  414BHP

0-60  3.9 seconds

Top speed  155mph (limited)